Saturday, 23 June 2012

MOEPA 2012 Cosplay Workshop

Sorry ya Minna-san! Thesedays not posting anything because busy of college assignments and exams!

Last month, my friend asked me if I can make Mio Akiyama from K-ON, because he want to give it to his girlfriend on her birthday. Do you think I will decline him? have fun and earnings,so I just completed it last week.

 Not bad right? My friend does really happy about it, I sold this Mio for him for just RM25.

Oh Mio, Why you're so cute?

On 29th May, Penang Times Square does have a Cosplay event called MOEPA 2012 Cosplay Workshop, and it was my first time to go to a Cosplay Event. But its sad I go to there late because of some problems in home. When I reach there, there doesn't left much cosplay customs to sell, so I doesn't bought anything back to home.

Not much customs, but lots of nendoroids. Although they are cheap, each just only cost RM59.90. But I still doesn't buy any of them because my mom doesn't like it.

 Kaito-san cosplayer! Still Nice, what?

Hmm... well.. ok, I don't know what characters they're ><