Thursday, 17 May 2012

Vocaloid Tutorial - Megurine Luka Senbonzakura

Just now I had posted about the new video cover, now for the completed first Vocaloid Tutorial video.

You guess? It's a tutorial video of Megurine Luka in the song Senbonzakura! Although I posted the video on Youtube yesterday, but hope you don't mind for the late update of this blog.

This time this video contains around 200 photos, so that it will be more detailed. And I doesn't made a tutorial video of Kaito version, sorry.

 It's not a gift or present on her right hand! It's a tied bento box.

Height: 63mm (including hat)

Everyone can request for any character you like, I maybe could try it.

New Tutorial Video Cover

Sorry guys I didn't post anything thesedays because I'm busy >< , sorry ya.

I think most of you know what is Vocaloid right? So I doesn't need to explain it again. Last time I had made a Tutorial video of Hieda No Akyu from Touhou, this time I will going to make a tutorial video of Vocaloid.

This is the video cover:

This Len wasn't from Story of Evil series, I just made the twins in servant-like and maid-like and some laundry Vocaloids.

 Yes, banana and oranges, its their favorite food, don't it?

 Height: 60mm

Kaito: Ugh...
SeeU: Nyan?

Everyone can request for anything or any characters you like, I maybe could try it.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sorry for illness

Moshiwakearimasen Minna-san! I was sick thesedays so I didn't post anything, sorry ya! >_<
And today was Luffy's birthday! Huh? Don't you know who is Luffy? He's the protagonist of Onepiece!

And yes, here is a last of my previous creations:

 Yup its Natsu & Lucy from Fairy Tail! Nowdays the most popular anime was Onepiece, Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail. Although the others three was more popular than Fairy Tail but I still like Fairy Tail more.

Yes, its Lucy, maybe you will think she was 'Poker Face' thats because I used yellow clay to made her eyebrowns.

Height: 55mm

Anyone can request for anything or characters you like, I maybe could try it.