Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sorry for illness

Moshiwakearimasen Minna-san! I was sick thesedays so I didn't post anything, sorry ya! >_<
And today was Luffy's birthday! Huh? Don't you know who is Luffy? He's the protagonist of Onepiece!

And yes, here is a last of my previous creations:

 Yup its Natsu & Lucy from Fairy Tail! Nowdays the most popular anime was Onepiece, Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail. Although the others three was more popular than Fairy Tail but I still like Fairy Tail more.

Yes, its Lucy, maybe you will think she was 'Poker Face' thats because I used yellow clay to made her eyebrowns.

Height: 55mm

Anyone can request for anything or characters you like, I maybe could try it.

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