Friday, 3 May 2013

Cosplay, Vocaloid and Manga

Well, I think everyone thinking about the same thing in these several months,

Actually What's in your mind when you see this blog?
''Is this blog going to be inactive again?''
''The owner of this blog seems had forgot about it''
''No more post? Does the owner was no more interest in clay crafting?''

Dear viewers, I'm still interest in clay crafting, and now was also practicing plushie sewing too. But nowdays I had another hobby, What's it? Related to anime and manga, it's cosplay.

Sometimes I always feels I doesn't have any free time, I need to manage my study, assignments and exams. But still I doesn't want to miss any ACG(anime, cosplay and games) events, also I will make the props and accessories myself instead of using money to buy it.

Why does you want to buy a thing that you can make it easil by yourself? Actually cosplay props wasn't that hard to make, all it need is patience.

I think some anime fans does know what I'm cosplaying when saw the props and costume right? Well, Hatsune Miku Magnet version and Gasai Yuno no doubt.

Do you think that's all? Of course No! I will post about new creation too, and Today's creation was one of the Vocaloid character too.

She's Aoki Lapis, also known as 'Lapis Princess' in Japanese, maybe some of you was a bit confuse why I used an 'abnomal' flower as her base, because her background design was known as fairy.

But this time this creation wasn't as small as other chibi creations I made before, she has a same height with a iPhone 4, which was around 110mm.

I can't tell when I have my next creation again, but I can tell is that my next creation may be Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko No Basuke because my friend requested for him for a long time.

Because of  focus on college study, these few weeks I doesn't have free time to watch anime too. Last week because of the release of Iron Man 3, I had went to 1st Avenue cinema to watch it, the movie was greatly nice too. After that, I goes to Pragin Mall to search for a manga store there because I asked my friend and he said there has one.

Maybe you won't believe it, but this is my first time to go to a manga store to search for manga I want (Because mostly I read it online). Before I tried to find at my hometown Kedah, there only have few manga store, but all of them only sells old mangas like Inuyasha, XXXHOLiC, Fullmetal Alchemist and other old version manga. Back to penang, I had goes to Queensbay's manga store to search before but they just left a few volumes. But now I'm very grateful that I had found the full volume from 1-10.

Soon I'll go to Queensbay to buy volume 11, just hope that it still haven't sold yet. Believe it or not, Ao No Exorcist is the first manga I bought, because I had heard the storyline between anime and manga was a bit different. It is also one of my favorite anime other than Rozen Maiden and Pandora Hearts. I doesn't like to read manga online because my eyes does feels pain if I stare on the screen too long.

But now I'm thinking that where should I keep the manga? Because some of my family member still doesn't knows that I'm an otaku, I can hide my cosplay costume with my casual clothes and props in the storeroom, but if I keep the manga in the storeroom, everytime I feels want to read must move the heavy items out and my manga will get dirty easily inside, my heart will break if that happen! T^T