Sunday, 29 April 2012

Kuroshitsuji Creations On March

Yesterday was 28th of April, which was happened People's Protest to the Government in my Country. I doubt some of you do saw it in your own country because there are 35 countries and 84 cities having people participate in it, the Protest was called BERSIH 3.0 (Bersih which means Clean).

Kay, now back to the Theme. Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) was a popular anime on 2010, of course I love it too ^^, but I doesn't like season 2 and 'Ciel in Wonderland' series. This time I did made Ciel and Sebastian figure smaller than my previous creations. Here you go:

 Height: 50mm

 Everything were made from air dry clay, including the furnitures.

Ciel: Sebastian! Where's my new carriage!
Sebastian: Here you go, My Lord.

Everyone can request for anything or character you like, I maybe could try it.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Forgotten Birthday

Sorry that I didn't post anything for 3 days because I'm really busy on cleaning the new apartment I just moved in >< .

My best friend's birthday was on January 7th but I just remembered on Febuary. Luckily that she don't mind the I said a late 'Happy Birthday' to her, as a composate for her, so I going to made a figure for her.

At first I asked which anime figure she want, she said she want Shinku from Rozen Maiden series ( a character which I hate a lot). I had tell her that I could make Kinomoto Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura series since she love that anime too, but she said she still want Shinku.

Because she need to work around 10 hours each working day, so she told me to hand the figure to her on the day that our Final Exam results were out, which was held on 21st March.

 This figure was around 100mm tall, It was made by air dry clay.

When I posted this on Facebook, one of my friend said her hair made him want to eat Maggie Mee (Maggie Mee is a popular cup noodles in my country), this made me laugh so much.

Of course, when I hand it to my best friend, she loved it so much. Happy Birthday my dear friend!

Everyone can request for anything or character you like, I maybe could try it.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Contest in Youtube

Last time I saw some clay charm contest held on youtube, so I had joined one. Of course, I didn't win it, but still want to share my creations made on that day : ) .

 These are all the charms I used to sumbit for the contest.

 A neko Miku and Cardcaptor Sakura's Key.

 Draniti, Eevee and Azurill from Pokemon.

 Some charms that inspired from Alice in Wonderland.

 And here are the rest.

 Of course how can I forgot my favorite anime, I think all of you know where and who she was right?

Everyone can request for anything or characters you like, I maybe could try it.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Pandora Hearts Alice Twins

Okari minna-san! Today I'll continue show you another anime figures made on Febuary or March, although this anime wasn't very popular.

 They're Alice Twins from Pandora Hearts, its my 2nd favorite anime. Although they only have season 1 right now but I believe they will made a season 2 soon.

 The one on left is Alice the B-Rabbit, and the one on right is White Alice (or called Will of Abyss in the anime).

 Noticed the firematch? It was just want to show their size.

 These are the little accessories for the ground beside the figures, they also appears in White Alice's room in the anime.

This 2 bunnies which was stand for both Alices, Left one was the true form of Red Alice when transformed, and right one was the disguise of White Alice.

The 2 pictures above are how both of them looks like in the anime.

Pandora Hearts was an anime that heavy references to Alice in Wonderland, including a lot of characters like Mad Hatter,Doormouse,Chesire Cat and more.

Everyone can request for anythings or characters you like, Maybe I could try it.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Some Non-anime Creations

Everyday doing of the same thing will be bored right? So I'll try to make some non-anime stuffs with air dry clay this time.

 The gate of the cage wasn't big enough to place the whole body of this angel figure inside, so I attach her body parts one by one, step by step.But she was unable to take out anymore.

 I tried to tangled the cage with blue rose vines and yes, the results came out was nice. This little cage I was bought from Material物料 store, it cost me MYR 16.50.

 Height (including cage): 80mm

 I bought an empty wooden house wall-hanger from the same store too, which cost me MYR 10.00. And I decorate it as candy house with air dry clay.

 The clip was in rectangle so its good to decorate it into a biscuit.

 Here are some mini cookies made by air dry clay too.

There are seven kinds of of them was still in the box, it's Oreo-like!

Everyone can request for any characters or things you like, Maybe I could try it.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Touhou Tutorial : Hieda No Akyu

Before created this blog, I had made 2 tutorials of anime clay figure, they are Chen from Touhou and Akemi Homura from Madoka Magica. But some people said the videos not very clearly, because I took the pictures with my mobile on that time. So yesterday I had made a new tutorial video again, a tutorial video of Hieda No Akyu from Touhou.

Last time during my vacation in Kuala Lumpur at Malaysia, I had bought a small snowglobe in the souvenir shop. So this time the figure I made must be shorter than 40mm to fit inside the snowglobe.

This small snowglobe cost me MYR 6.90.

And here's the Hieda I made, if you don't have a snowglobe, cans or box to place her, you can made it as your keychain or handphone charm too.

 And here's Hieda No Akyu, a minor character from Touhou series.

 Height: 38mm

Luckily it was fitted in the snowglobe.

This tutorial doesn't include her hair ornament and the brush with ink, but you can add any other accessories with your own creative.

Everyone can request for any character you like, Maybe I could try it.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Creations On Febuary 2012

Just now I've watched some original Vocaloid MVs and found that two of their songs 'Dark Woods Circus' and 'Kakome Kakome' was based on true stories. After I know the two whole songs lyrics meanings, I felt it was creepy and people was sick >< and can't let my mind out of them. Here are some links to know about both songs. Click here to find out the meanings of the lyrics of 'Dark Woods Circus' if you want. Click here if you want to know more about the story of 'Kakome Kakome', but I should warn you that don't read the websites when it's night or you're alone in your room,I doubt you will afraid after reading.

Well okay, back to the title. I think a lot people like the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica right? Since it was the hottest Mahou Shoujo anime last year.But not all figures I've made was follow the original Mahou Shoujo customs, I only made the customs that I was interested like Madoka in god-mode and Homura with Ribbon Hair.Each of them have a height of 60mm.

 This is Kaname Madoka in God-mode.

 Here's Mami Tomoe, my second favorite character in the anime =).

 Miki Sayaka the poor girl, she'll be justice!

 And Akemi Homura! My favorite character.

This is the second tutorial video I made, but it maybe won't showed very clearly.

 I think I had made Kyoko Sakura a little too fat, maybe she ate too much snacks in the anime?

 I doubt everyone would like this photo, burn the little devil!

 'Want some slice on your body?'

Everyone can request for any character you like, I maybe could try to mold ir out.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Another Touhou Creations On Febuary 2012

Yesterday I had just watched the movie 'Mirror Mirror'. It's a movie about the fairytale 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves' but quite boring to me. Well, now for some others Touhou creations again!

 This is Flandre Scarlet, I don't know why she got such a pair of wings that looks like party bulbs but it was interesting for me.

 Height: 60mm

 This is Fujiwara No Mokou. Well, maybe I had made her shoulder a little too big and looks boyish >< .

 Height: 55mm

 I don't know What does this character named but I found on Touhou wikia called her Kisume, a youkai who always spent her time in a basket, so I doesn't need to make hands and legs for her.

 This figure looks glossy because I used clear nail polish on it to avoid dust.

Height: 60mm

Sorry I doesn't have tutorials for these and previous creations because they was made 3 months or more ago, I doesn't take photo when in the progress of making them.

Everyone can request for any character you like, I maybe could try to mold it out.