Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Another Touhou Creations On Febuary 2012

Yesterday I had just watched the movie 'Mirror Mirror'. It's a movie about the fairytale 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves' but quite boring to me. Well, now for some others Touhou creations again!

 This is Flandre Scarlet, I don't know why she got such a pair of wings that looks like party bulbs but it was interesting for me.

 Height: 60mm

 This is Fujiwara No Mokou. Well, maybe I had made her shoulder a little too big and looks boyish >< .

 Height: 55mm

 I don't know What does this character named but I found on Touhou wikia called her Kisume, a youkai who always spent her time in a basket, so I doesn't need to make hands and legs for her.

 This figure looks glossy because I used clear nail polish on it to avoid dust.

Height: 60mm

Sorry I doesn't have tutorials for these and previous creations because they was made 3 months or more ago, I doesn't take photo when in the progress of making them.

Everyone can request for any character you like, I maybe could try to mold it out.

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