Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Some 2011 Creations

At 2011, I was having my last year in my secondary school, my friends had ordered some creations from me. They told me about the details and characters they want, so that I can made it for them, each creations does take me 2-3 days to complete. I sold the creations in a transparent box.I took the pictures with my mobile,so they won't looks very smooth.Here was some of it...

 Two Little Dwarves having dinner.

 Mushy Mushy!

Fairy On a Snail.

 Dolphin Couple (The name I wrote on it was requested by the buyer)

 Candy House and Chibi Marshmallows.

 Mashimaro in Winter.

 Doraemon Wall Hanger.

 This Hatsune Miku was the first anime clay figure, so it doesn't comes out very nice.

 Deer Couple.

 This is second, a hero from DotAllStars, called Luna Moonsong right?

And third one, Rylai Crestfall from DotAllStars too.

A Sea Serpent was trying to destroy a ship.

Everyone can request for any characters you like, I would try to mold it out.

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