Thursday, 5 April 2012

Re-do Rozen Maiden Creation On December 2011

After completed the Rozen Maiden figures, my friend gave me some websites about to sculpt or mold a human face with clay and I had found where is my matter that made the face too round. But the date at that time was almost near my secondary school final exam, so I only wait until the exams was finished.

After the exam, I woud like to try to make one of the Rozen Maiden characters again, so I choosen Suiseiseki. This time I will mold her face more realistic.

I made her in a sleeping style because I had made a suitcase for her (Actually it's called a dollcase because in the anime the dolls were slept in their case). And I doesn't need to make a pair of eyes for her because it was bother to making a pair of anime eyes.

 This is a dollcase I made, it was made out of hard paper and the corner and rose was made by air dry clay. It's length was 110mm and height was 4mm.

 Proof! And you will saw a Suiseiseki inside!

I inspired from the picture above.This bigger dollcase was used to place the Rozen Maiden Dollfies.

Each Rozen Maiden Dollfies cost around 60,000yen - 100,000yen. Suigintou (The one in black) was the most expensive dollfie which cost 102,900yen.

Sorry that some of the photo wasn't very clearly because I took it with my mobile.

Everyone can request for any characters you like, I maybe could try to mold it out.

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