Monday, 16 April 2012

Some Non-anime Creations

Everyday doing of the same thing will be bored right? So I'll try to make some non-anime stuffs with air dry clay this time.

 The gate of the cage wasn't big enough to place the whole body of this angel figure inside, so I attach her body parts one by one, step by step.But she was unable to take out anymore.

 I tried to tangled the cage with blue rose vines and yes, the results came out was nice. This little cage I was bought from Material物料 store, it cost me MYR 16.50.

 Height (including cage): 80mm

 I bought an empty wooden house wall-hanger from the same store too, which cost me MYR 10.00. And I decorate it as candy house with air dry clay.

 The clip was in rectangle so its good to decorate it into a biscuit.

 Here are some mini cookies made by air dry clay too.

There are seven kinds of of them was still in the box, it's Oreo-like!

Everyone can request for any characters or things you like, Maybe I could try it.

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