Sunday, 15 April 2012

Touhou Tutorial : Hieda No Akyu

Before created this blog, I had made 2 tutorials of anime clay figure, they are Chen from Touhou and Akemi Homura from Madoka Magica. But some people said the videos not very clearly, because I took the pictures with my mobile on that time. So yesterday I had made a new tutorial video again, a tutorial video of Hieda No Akyu from Touhou.

Last time during my vacation in Kuala Lumpur at Malaysia, I had bought a small snowglobe in the souvenir shop. So this time the figure I made must be shorter than 40mm to fit inside the snowglobe.

This small snowglobe cost me MYR 6.90.

And here's the Hieda I made, if you don't have a snowglobe, cans or box to place her, you can made it as your keychain or handphone charm too.

 And here's Hieda No Akyu, a minor character from Touhou series.

 Height: 38mm

Luckily it was fitted in the snowglobe.

This tutorial doesn't include her hair ornament and the brush with ink, but you can add any other accessories with your own creative.

Everyone can request for any character you like, Maybe I could try it.

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