Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Re-do Rozen Maiden Creations on January 2012

It's raining nowdays and the connection here was really bad >< Well, lets' for another creations.

Remember that last time I had posted about the Rozen Maiden Creations I made but didn't show Suigintou and Kanaria right? That's because I made them really sucks last time, but I had re-make them again on January! Better or Not was up to your mind (^_^) , here you go:

 This is Kanaria the second doll.

 I made an umbrella for her as an accessory to looks better.

 Height: 50mm
Length: 75mm

 This is Suigintou the First doll.

 She was my tallest creation which having a height of 140mm.

Well, the hair and legs doesn't goes very well...

Sorry that some photos won't looks clearly because they were took by mobile.

Request any character you like, I maybe could try to mold it out.

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