Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Pandora Hearts Alice Twins

Okari minna-san! Today I'll continue show you another anime figures made on Febuary or March, although this anime wasn't very popular.

 They're Alice Twins from Pandora Hearts, its my 2nd favorite anime. Although they only have season 1 right now but I believe they will made a season 2 soon.

 The one on left is Alice the B-Rabbit, and the one on right is White Alice (or called Will of Abyss in the anime).

 Noticed the firematch? It was just want to show their size.

 These are the little accessories for the ground beside the figures, they also appears in White Alice's room in the anime.

This 2 bunnies which was stand for both Alices, Left one was the true form of Red Alice when transformed, and right one was the disguise of White Alice.

The 2 pictures above are how both of them looks like in the anime.

Pandora Hearts was an anime that heavy references to Alice in Wonderland, including a lot of characters like Mad Hatter,Doormouse,Chesire Cat and more.

Everyone can request for anythings or characters you like, Maybe I could try it.

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