Monday, 2 April 2012

First time to create a Blog

Konichiwa everyone! This is my first time to open a blog, so please forgive me that I had do something wrong here >< and I had broken english sometimes. I always love Japan Anime a lot, I doubt some of you was same too right? Because nowdays we can download animes from some websites for free, but everytime when I had finished one of the anime I would hope to own a figure from the anime I watched, but each of them was really expensive to me because I doesn't got much money for own.

But now this wasn't a matter to me anymore! Once I had starting to learn about how to mold basic clay figures since 2010, Now I finally can mold out my own anime clay figures, although they wasn't waterproof.

Ok saying so much how's about see about my creations first? Start from a random clay figure I made,

This Character was Ika Musume from Shinryaku! Ika Musume, The anime was quite funny to me xD
I would like to post more of my figure creations but it seems the conection today was low, I would try to post some more tomorrow, Goodnight guys!

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