Sunday, 22 April 2012

Forgotten Birthday

Sorry that I didn't post anything for 3 days because I'm really busy on cleaning the new apartment I just moved in >< .

My best friend's birthday was on January 7th but I just remembered on Febuary. Luckily that she don't mind the I said a late 'Happy Birthday' to her, as a composate for her, so I going to made a figure for her.

At first I asked which anime figure she want, she said she want Shinku from Rozen Maiden series ( a character which I hate a lot). I had tell her that I could make Kinomoto Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura series since she love that anime too, but she said she still want Shinku.

Because she need to work around 10 hours each working day, so she told me to hand the figure to her on the day that our Final Exam results were out, which was held on 21st March.

 This figure was around 100mm tall, It was made by air dry clay.

When I posted this on Facebook, one of my friend said her hair made him want to eat Maggie Mee (Maggie Mee is a popular cup noodles in my country), this made me laugh so much.

Of course, when I hand it to my best friend, she loved it so much. Happy Birthday my dear friend!

Everyone can request for anything or character you like, I maybe could try it.

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