Thursday, 17 May 2012

New Tutorial Video Cover

Sorry guys I didn't post anything thesedays because I'm busy >< , sorry ya.

I think most of you know what is Vocaloid right? So I doesn't need to explain it again. Last time I had made a Tutorial video of Hieda No Akyu from Touhou, this time I will going to make a tutorial video of Vocaloid.

This is the video cover:

This Len wasn't from Story of Evil series, I just made the twins in servant-like and maid-like and some laundry Vocaloids.

 Yes, banana and oranges, its their favorite food, don't it?

 Height: 60mm

Kaito: Ugh...
SeeU: Nyan?

Everyone can request for anything or any characters you like, I maybe could try it.

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