Thursday, 6 September 2012

Lady Ciel Tutorial

Sorry Minna-san, I think I won't post anything on the coming months due to the assignments and exams in college, maybe I think I will be free on December, sorry because that Study was more important, Right? =) Hope everyone forgive me >< .

Who is the girl in the photo? NO! You're being trapped if you said he is a girl by the first sight! Of course he is our cutest guy in the heart of all Kuroshitsuji fan girls! Ciel Phantomhive xD

And this time I got added one more Tutorial Video, and is about Lady Ciel ^^.
Click here to view on Youtube.

Please forgive me again if the video was a little dizzy, because I got an old camera ><. here

Here are some others keychain creations I made on holiday too, On the Left was our Lady Ciel, On the Middle was Reimu-Chan, and the Right one, hehe...  I think you know who he is even you didn't saw the face xD Oh and the hanging guy was made by resin clay this time.

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